About Us

Our Mission

Our team is composed entirely of musicians and is devoted to ensuring that our technology empowers performers to make a living from performing.

Applaud is building a global platform to suit your needs. Allowing you to focus on doing what you love, i.e creating and performing music.

Lets level the playing field and make some noise by digitising the industry.

Welcome to a world of better bookings, welcome to Applaud.

Our Amazing Team

Music is at the core of everything we do.

Luke Rynne Cullen
Is the business lead of Applaud and a freelance violinist. To date he has served as the President of Trinity Orchestra and Live Music Officer for Trinity Entertainment.

To date he has won the  Blackstone LaunchPad Sprints in 2017, TES Dragons Den in 2018 and secured Bronze in the National Startup Awards in 2019.

He has a Bachelors degree in English literature and history from Trinity College Dublin and has participated in programmes run by Google, Startup Boost, HubSpot, Enterprise Ireland and Tangent, covering a range of areas including sales, marketing and fundraising.
Rosee Byrne
Product designer
Is the design lead at Applaud and a talented pianist. To date she has worked at Arista Networks, and as an experience designer.

She has a bachelors degree in Media & German from Dublin City University and has also studied frontend development and web design in IBAT College Dublin. Her work primarily involves visual, experience & instructional design.
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